Tickets for our next show:

Folky Friday  concert @ Salon Ruigoord on friday 29 June 2018

price 10,- euro ; or make a donation at your own price; thank you!

How to pay

You can post your payment in advance to our bank NL 78 TRIO 0786756128  on name: Vespucci Music.  Please mention your email address and the amount of seats you want to book with your payment. You will receive a confirmation of your booking by email.

You can also use Paypal to make your payment to us directly via

Next Events

25th May 2018:  Folky Friday met Ranajit Sengupta family concert , tickets 15,- euro.

20st-24th June 2018:  canceled The Organic Symphony Orchestra @ Living Village festival is canceled.

29th June 2018 Folky Friday at Salon Ruigoord met Balkan orkest. tickets 10,- euro presale.

fluit en cymbaal met de Kefi balkanband met oa Pit Hermans, Danielle Roelofsen + gasten


Thanks for your gift, we hope to see you soon at one of our shows!

Valentijn Steenhuis – eventmanager